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Advanced ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery

Sep 29 2014

Frown lines are nothing to smile about. Learn what causes these pesky lines, and how we can treat them both surgically and non-surgically.

Aug 28 2014

Learn how to prepare for your upper or lower eyelid surgery in order to benefit from an easy, successful recovery.

Jul 29 2014

Understanding the liposuction recovery timeline will help you prepare for this popular procedure that sculpts a toned and sleek silhouette.

Jun 30 2014

Before undergoing a facelift, patients should understand the inherent risks of surgery and possible complications that may arise.

May 28 2014

Sometimes the tip of the nose is the cause of major aesthetic problems. Let's look at how a rhinoplasty can be used to revise the tip of the nose and what that entails.

Apr 09 2014

A neck lift can help patients achieve a younger, slimmer neck line. Find out if this procedure may be right for you.

Mar 12 2014

See how eyelid surgery can be used to correct vision problems that result from a drooping upper eyelid.

Feb 18 2014

Plastic surgeons can often determine whether people are good facelift candidates by asking these six questions.

Jan 21 2014

For those patients who are candidates, Dr. William C. Cohen can improve skin tone with IPL photofacial.

Dec 14 2013

There are different ways that tattoos can be removed, some more invasive than others. Let's take a moment to discuss these options right now.

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