Tighten and Trim - Treatment Options for Jowls

By Dr. William Cohen on July 28, 2016

A woman touching her faceAging can do a number on your appearance. Sometimes you're able to wear your age with grace, while other times you may prefer looking a bit younger and more refreshed. When dealing with the latter, the people of Orange County know that they can come to our practice for their facial cosmetic surgery and advanced skin care needs.

While lines around the eyes and forehead are a common reason for facial plastic surgery, many patients also visit our practice to deal with their jowls. Let's take a moment to consider these matters.

What Are Jowls?

Jowls are the loose and sagging portions of the lower cheeks that hang low in a pronounced way. The jowls can seem to drape over part of the face in some cases, and can have a negative impact on the overall look of your face. People with jowls tend to look much older than they really are.

Common Causes of Jowls

Jowls are most often caused by the natural aging process. As collagen breaks down over time, the skin of the face becomes less supple and begins to droop more and more as time goes on.

Genetics has a role to play in the formation of jowls as well. If you parents had issues with jowls as they got older, you are likely to experience these issues in the future as well.

Major weight loss is yet another factor to keep in mind with regard to the formation of jowls. When you lose a lot of weight, it's possible for loose skin to become more of an issue, especially around the lower parts of the face. Combined with age and genetics, weight loss can lead to extremely pronounced jowls later in life.

Lower Face Lift Surgery

The lower face lift is a rejuvenation procedure that specifically targets the cheeks and jawline, reducing the appearance of jowls in the process. Thanks to lower face lift surgery, patients will be able to experience a much more youthful appearance.

Ideal Candidates for Lower Face Lift Surgery

The best candidates for lower face lift surgery are people who experience issues with jowls and overall facial contour along the jawline and sides of the mouth. They should be in good overall health and not suffer from medical conditions that would make facial surgery a poor option to consider.

The Lower Facelift Procedure

During a lower face lift, incisions are made behind the lower portion of the ears. Through these incisions, a surgeon will remove excess fat and skin while also adjusting the underlying facial structure of the cheek area. The skin is then pulled and sutures tightened to reduce drooping and sagging in the lower part of the face.

Neck Lift and Lower Face Lift

When a patient experiences issues with their jowls as well as their neckline, the best option is often to perform a neck lift surgery in conjunction with the lower face lift. This will reduce sagging and loose skin along the neckline, improving overall facial appearance in the process.

Learn More About Your Facial Rejuvenation Options

For more information about treating jowls and other issues with facial contour, it's important that you contact our cosmetic plastic surgery center today. We look forward to your visit and discussing your treatment options in greater detail.

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