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Advanced ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery

Dec 05 2018

Plastic surgeon William C. Cohen helps patients consider whether eyelid surgery or a brow lift is best-suited to their cosmetic goals.

Oct 09 2018

Facial plastic surgeon William C. Cohen provides patients with eyelid surgery statistics.

Jun 28 2017

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is performed differently on men and women. Let's see how male and female blepharoplasty are different.

Jun 01 2017

If you have sagging or drooping upper eyelids, eyelid surgery for hooded eyes may be right for you.

Mar 30 2015

Dr. William Cohen offers lower eyelid surgery, which eliminates the puffy bags of skin that tend to develop beneath the eyes.

Aug 28 2014

Learn how to prepare for your upper or lower eyelid surgery in order to benefit from an easy, successful recovery.

Mar 12 2014

See how eyelid surgery can be used to correct vision problems that result from a drooping upper eyelid.

Jun 13 2013

Eyelid surgery may be just what you need to look your very best. Let's take a moment right now to look at who the ideal candidates are for eyelid surgery and what it can do for them.

Dec 06 2012

Our Orange County plastic surgeon educates its patients on the eyelid surgery procedure, including the side effects of treatment.

Sep 18 2012

A brow lift may be an ideal solution for our Orange County plastic surgery patients desiring to minimize the appearance of wrinkles around the eyebrows.

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