Good Candidates for Eyelid Surgery By Dr. William Cohen on June 13, 2013

Good Candidates for Eyelid SurgeryIf you want to look your absolute best, one way to achieve this is to visit our Orange County plastic surgery center. There are many options available for anti-aging treatments and wrinkle reduction therapy. Just a single surgery can help you look years and years younger. This is especially true when it comes to surgeries that involve the eyes. The eyes truly are the windows to the soul, and they can say many things about your personality, whether intentionally or not.

One surgery that can greatly enhance the overall appearance of the eyes is cosmetic eyelid surgery. Let's take a brief moment right now to look at the basics of cosmetic eyelid surgery and who might be ideal candidates for it.

About Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic eyelid surgery refers to various kinds of procedures that help address problems with sagging eyelids. Cosmetic eyelid surgery can be performed on the upper eyelids and the lower eyelids as needed by the patient. When you visit our cosmetic plastic surgeons in Orange County, we'll determine an ideal treatment plan for you and your needs.

General Candidacy for Eyelid Surgery

Candidates for eyelid surgery should be in good overall health and not suffer from any health conditions that would make the procedure a risky proposition. Any decisions about the surgery should be made by the patient and the patient alone. Patients should not feel pressured into undergoing surgery by others.

Candidacy for Upper Eyelid Surgery

Ideal candidates for upper eyelid surgery are people who suffer from major drooping or sagging of the upper eyelids. This is an especially good idea for people who have a sagging eyelid that obscures the vision.

Other good candidates for Orange County eyelid surgery are people who lack a fold in the upper eyelid. By adding an upper eyelid fold, the appearance can be enhanced and a person's vision can also be improved to some degree.

Candidacy for Lower Eyelid Surgery

The best candidates for lower eyelid surgery are people who have major bagginess, puffiness, or sagging of the lower eyelid. Sometimes this facial plastic surgery can be performed simply by using facial liposuction.

Poor Candidates for Eyelid Surgery

Poor candidates for eyelids surgery are those in bad general health or those who have other aesthetic issues not related to the upper or lower eyelids themselves. For instance, people with crow's feet would not be helped by cosmetic eyelid surgery.

Alternatives and Additional Facial Rejuvenation Options

As an alternative to cosmetic eyelid surgery, there are a number of other procedures that might prove helpful. For issues with the brow area, undergoing brow lift surgery is often a great option to consider. For the aforementioned crow's feet, a facelift is often the best option to consider. We will go over all of these alternatives in more detail during your visit.

Learn More About Your Facial Plastic Surgery Options

If you would like to learn more about all of your options for anti-aging and wrinkle reduction, be sure to contact our Orange and Placentia cosmetic surgery centers today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible results in the process.

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