What Is Bridge Rhinoplasty?

By Dr. William Cohen on September 01, 2016

A woman being examined during a rhinoplasty consultationAt THE SKIN CENTERx, Dr. William C. Cohen performs rhinoplasty procedures of all types, ranging from subtle reshaping of the tip of the nose to complex ethnic rhinoplasties. His skill in performing rhinoplasty has made him the plastic surgeon of choice for many patients who have required secondary rhinoplasties to correct unsatisfactory results produced by other surgeons. He has also achieved consistently exceptional results in performing bridge rhinoplasty for patients of his Orange County, CA plastic surgery practice.

As with all procedures performed by Dr. Cohen, he customizes every bridge rhinoplasty he performs to the unique needs and aesthetic goals of each individual patient. He recognizes that, as the most prominent feature of the face, the nose has the potential either to distract from its neighboring facial features or to bring them all together in an aesthetically rich and pleasing harmony. His goal in performing bridge rhinoplasty is to produce a nose that accomplishes the latter while still looking entirely natural - as though the patient had been born with it.

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose due to a bridge that is too wide or too narrow, or due to the presence of a bump on the bridge, we encourage you to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Cohen at THE SKIN CENTERx today.

What Is the Nasal Bridge?

The nasal bridge refers to the top portion of the nose that is composed of bone, as opposed to the lower portion that is composed of cartilage. Complaints about the appearance of the nasal bridge are among the most common in plastic surgery, and bridge rhinoplasty has been performed for decades. However, while bridge rhinoplasty procedures are fairly commonplace, refined, natural-looking results can be difficult to achieve. That is why patients should trust their bridge rhinoplasties only to fully accredited, board-certified plastic surgeons with a wealth of experience in performing rhinoplasty such as Dr. William C. Cohen.

Types of Bridge Rhinoplasty

There are three basic types of bridge rhinoplasty, each of which is performed to address a specific complaint. These types of rhinoplasty may be combined with other rhinoplasty techniques to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing result; for example, rhinoplasty to narrow a wide bridge may be combined with rhinoplasty to adjust the tip of the nose in order to maintain proper proportions.

The three primary types of bridge rhinoplasty are:

  • Rhinoplasty to narrow the bridge: This common type of rhinoplasty involves repositioning the nasal bones toward the center of the nose to produce a slimmer nose bridge. This also creates the appearance of a higher nose bridge among patients with low bridges. An implant or graft can further be used to create the appearance of a higher bridge.
  • Rhinoplasty to eliminate a nose bridge bump: Before this type of rhinoplasty can be performed, Dr. Cohen must determine whether the bump is limited to excess bone on the bridge or is also caused by excess cartilage, which is often the case. He can then remove the excess tissues to produce a smooth nasal ridge.
  • Rhinoplasty to enhance the bridge: Sometimes patients complain of having wide noses and narrow bridges, in which case it is necessary to augment the bridge. This can be done with grafts comprising the patient’s own tissues or synthetic products.

Learn More about Bridge Rhinoplasty

To learn more about bridge rhinoplasty, please contact THE SKIN CENTERx today.

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