Reduce Discomfort during Laser Tattoo Removal

By Dr. William Cohen on August 27, 2019

Before and after laser tattoo removalA tattoo nearly always seems like a good idea when a person is getting it. However, months or years later, so people feel that the tattoo no longer looks good or no longer reflects their personal style. When someone is tired of a tattoo, their only option is to cover it or have it removed.

Laser tattoo removal effectively eliminates a tattoo to produce clear skin. Unfortunately, laser tattoo removal is known to hurt, or cause some degree of discomfort. At Dr. Michael C. Cohen’s Orange, CA, practice, patients can reduce discomfort during laser tattoo removal. Here, we offer tips so patients remain as comfortable as possible throughout their treatment sessions.

Choose the Right Technique

In the past, painful treatments such as dermabrasion, acid treatments, and surgical excision were the only options for tattoo removal. Now, laser tattoo removal is the norm. Laser tattoo removal is safer and far less painful, but it still causes some discomfort. However, some techniques are more comfortable than others.

Most laser tattoo removal sessions involve the use of Q-switched lasers, which use thermal energy to breakup ink particles. At our practice, Dr. Cohen offers Picosure™ laser tattoo removal. This procedure is faster than other laser tattoo removal techniques, and it causes less redness and minimal discomfort.

Another benefit is that it requires less treatment sessions. While Q-switched lasers generally require 10 or more sessions, the Picosure™ system can remove tattoos in as few as four to six sessions.

Ask about Numbing Options

Patient comfort is one of our top priorities, so we are always willing to offer some type of anesthetic or numbing treatment. Techniques that may be used to numb the skin for laser tattoo removal include blasts of cold air, ice packs, and numbing gel. Dr. Cohen will discuss numbing options with our Orange patients so that we find the technique that is best for them.

Be Vocal

Some discomfort is normal during laser removal treatment, but we encourage our patients to speak up if they feel like the pain is too much. If necessary, Dr. Cohen can give patients a short break during their session. We can also cool the skin or apply more numbing cream so that we can complete the session with minimal irritation.

Avoid Caffeine

It is important that our Orange patients do their part to make laser tattoo removal as comfortable as possible. They should be well-rested and well-hydrated when they show up for a treatment session. Additionally, they should avoid caffeine the day of treatment.

Caffeine is known to boost energy and make people feel hyperactive, but most people do not realize that it can also make people hypersensitive. Patients who consume coffee, chocolate, tea, or other foods and beverages with a high caffeine content prior to treatment are more susceptible to discomfort during laser tattoo removal.

Message Us to Learn More

Laser tattoo removal safely and effectively eliminates unwanted tattoos to restore clear skin. If you are interested in learning more about the laser tattoo removal services offered by Dr. Michael C. Cohen, send us a message at your earliest convenience or call our plastic surgery practice at (714) 628-1313.

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