JUVÉDERM™ Side Effects: What Patients Should Know By Dr. William Cohen on November 28, 2017

JUVÉDERM™ cosmetic injectionsWhile plastic surgery can leave you looking years and years younger, many people reach out to our Orange skin care center for non-surgical anti-aging treatments. That's where JUVÉDERM™ and other cosmetic injections come into play. JUVÉDERM™ is a dermal filler that is comprised of hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally occurs in the human body. With JUVÉDERM™, patients can experience the many benefits of plastic surgery without the scarring, downtime, and serious risk of complications.

Even though JUVÉDERM™ therapy requires no incisions and is completed in a brief visit to the office, there are some side effects from treatment. Let's go over these JUVÉDERM™ side effects below and also discuss some potential complications.

Common JUVÉDERM™ Side Effects

The most common side effects of JUVÉDERM™ treatment include the following:

  • Redness – There may be some redness around the injection site following JUVÉDERM™ treatment.

  • Bruising – Mild bruising around injection sites may occur after a patient receives a JUVÉDERM™ injection.

  • Swelling – Swelling after JUVÉDERM™ injections have been administered is not uncommon.

  • Pain/Discomfort – In the first day or days after JUVÉDERM™ treatment, patients may notice mild pain around the injection sites.

Lumps and Bumps After JUVÉDERM™ Injections

In some instances, patients may also notice mild lumps or bumps following JUVÉDERM™ treatment. These are uneven areas of the dermal filler settling in the skin. Like the side effects we've noted above, these lumps and bumps are generally temporary and resolve on their own.

How Long Do JUVÉDERM™ Side Effects Last?

Thankfully, JUVÉDERM™ side effects typically last only a few days to one week. The side effects will typically be the most pronounced in the first day or two days after the JUVÉDERM™ procedure, with the side effects becoming less serious as time goes by. By the end of a week, patients should no longer experience any redness, bruising, swelling, or soreness around the injection sites. The same is true of any lumps and bumps; they may last only a week to two weeks.

Signs of JUVÉDERM™ Complications

While normal JUVÉDERM™ side effects are mild, there is a risk of experiencing complications after JUVÉDERM™ injection therapy. When bruising, redness, swelling, pain, or bumpiness persist for more than a few days to a week, this could be the sign of a complication. Similarly, patients should be alarmed if any of these symptoms become worse rather than better following the injection treatment.

What to Do About JUVÉDERM™ Complications

If you experience any potential complications after JUVÉDERM™ injection therapy or are concerned with the quality of the results, be sure to speak with your plastic surgeon and/or skin care specialist immediately. During a follow-up visit, these issues can be addressed in a timely fashion.

Is JUVÉDERM™ Right for Me?

The best way to find out if JUVÉDERM™ or another kind of dermal filler injection is right for you is to stop by the practice for a consultation. During your visit, we can go over many different kinds of non-surgical treatments so you can pick the one that best meets your unique needs.

Learn More About JUVÉDERM™

If you would like to learn more about JUVÉDERM™ and your many other options for treatment, be sure to contact an experienced facial rejuvenation and skin care specialist today. The team at THE SKIN CENTERx is here to help you look and feel your very best.

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