Preparing for Plastic Surgery: Understanding Its Importance By Dr. William Cohen on August 27, 2017

A woman with surgical lines on her bodyHealing begins before the day of surgery. It may be a surprise, but it's true. There are many things patients can do prior to surgery to help prevent complications and reduce the severity of side effects.

Whether you undergo facial rejuvenation or body contouring surgery at our Orange County practice, we will provide ample information on pre-op care. Below is a bit of general information about preparing for cosmetic surgery.

Arrange for Time Off from Work

Before you undergo surgery, be sure to ask for time off from work. This will give you the ability to heal quickly and fully in the first days after a procedure. Most people will need a week to two weeks to fully recover before returning to their job. This can vary based on the surgery, with some procedures requiring an entire month off from work.

Avoid Tobacco Products

Cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco can all lead to problems with healing times as well as a higher risk of infection. Be sure to avoid tobacco products in the weeks before surgery and continue to abstain from tobacco for a few weeks after surgery.

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

Like tobacco, alcohol can have a negative impact on your ability to heal free from complications. Be sure to avoid alcoholic beverages in the weeks before surgery and the weeks after surgery just to make sure you do not experience any problems after a procedure.

Avoid Taking Certain Medications

If you take blood thinners, aspirin, or even certain kinds of vitamins or supplements, these could increase the risk of post-op complications and even issues during a surgical procedure. Discuss any drugs or medications you're on with your surgeon so you can find out which ones you should avoid using and for how long.

Run Errands and Fill Prescriptions

In the days before surgery, it's important to get ready for the healing process. That means filling any prescriptions, buying groceries, doing laundry, and generally getting yourself into a fit state to heal. Taking care of these things ahead of time can reduce stress as you recuperate from surgery.

Arrange for Transportation to and from Surgery

After a surgical procedure, a patient will not be in any fit state to operate a vehicle. Because of this, it's important that you arrange for transportation to and from the surgical suite. This will help keep you safe, and is a common sense precaution given the nature of anesthesia.

Have a Loved One Present in the First Days After Surgery

Recovering from surgery can take its toll on you physically as well as emotionally. Be sure to have a friend or family member present in the first days after surgery so they can offer you the moral support you need as well as practical assistance around the home.

The Night Before Surgery

The night before your surgical procedure, you may be given some special instructions with regard to bathing and fasting. If this is the case, be sure to follow them to the letter. This will help avoid issues during the surgical procedure.

The Day of Surgery

On the day of your surgery, be sure to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Avoid wearing any jewelry or accessories. In fact, you should also avoid wearing lotions, creams, makeup, perfumes, or cologne. Come to the practice with a positive attitude, and feel relaxed. These are all important steps to a problem-free procedure and recovery.

Learn More About Plastic Surgery

If you would like more information about plastic surgery procedures and how we can help you achieve all of your aesthetic goals, be sure to contact our facial cosmetic surgery center today. Our team is here to help you look your best and feel great again.

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