Smooth Skin without Surgery: The Thermage® Procedure By Dr. William Cohen on March 30, 2016

Close up of a woman’s smooth thighs after treatment with Thermage®Plastic surgeon William C. Cohen has dedicated his career to offering his patients only the highest-quality, most effective procedures in plastic surgery, as well as alternative non-surgical treatments such as laser body contouring. Indeed, non-surgical treatment options comprise a healthy portion of his practice, as many patients either do not feel that they are yet ready for plastic surgery or simply prefer not to undergo an invasive procedure. It is with these patients in mind that Dr. Cohen proudly offers an entirely non-invasive solution to wrinkles in the form of the state-of-the-art Thermage® procedure at his Orange County, CA plastic surgery practice.

Thermage® is a safe, non-surgical method of rejuvenating the skin of the face and elsewhere on the body. If you would like to have smoother, healthier-looking skin, and you don’t want to undergo a surgical procedure, then Thermage® may be the ideal solution for you. For further information, or to find out whether you are a good candidate for the Thermage® procedure, schedule your consultation with Dr. William C. Cohen at THE SKIN CENTERx today.

What Is the Thermage® Procedure?

Thermage® is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure in which safe, gentle radiofrequency (RF) energy is used to smooth wrinkled skin on the face, neck, arms, thighs, and most other areas of the body. It can also be used to temporarily reduce the appearance of dimpling due to cellulite. Thermage® targets precise problem areas, leaving healthy tissues undisturbed and producing exceptionally natural-looking results. The treatment is effective on all skin types and requires little to no downtime.

The Thermage® procedure is perfect for patients with busy schedules who want to achieve noticeable rejuvenation without sacrificing too much time from their daily routines. Unlike many cosmetic procedures, Thermage® is able to produce optimal results in just one single session. Thermage® treatments for the face require only about 45 minutes while Thermage® treatments for other areas of the body range from about 45 minutes to up to 90 minutes depending on the scope of the treatment.

How Does Thermage® Work?

The Thermage® procedure works by delivering radiofrequency energy to the deeper layers of your skin, which are rich in collagen. The RF energy heats up these layers, which reshapes the existing collagen while promoting the production of new collagen. The result is smoother, fuller skin with an improved texture.

Only Thermage® RF energy reaches the deeper layers of the skin with this degree of precision. No other skin therapy is as effective at promoting the development of new collagen. The results of Thermage® can last for years depending on the individual patient’s age, skin condition, lifestyle, and skin care regimen.

Most patients find the Thermage® procedure to be comfortable and relaxing. Dr. Cohen monitors the level of heat delivered throughout the procedure, making sure that the patient is comfortable while still receiving effective levels of RF energy.

Learn More about the Thermage® Procedure

To learn more about the Thermage® procedure or to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Cohen, please contact THE SKIN CENTERx today.

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