Lasers + Liposuction = SmartLipo™ By Dr. William Cohen on August 28, 2015

Close up of a woman’s slender, beautifully proportioned legs after SmartLipo™ treatmentAt THE SKIN CENTERx, Dr. William C. Cohen has built his reputation on offering only the safest, most advanced, and most effective procedures and technologies available in plastic surgery to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of his patients. This philosophy has extended to every type of procedure he has performed, from tumescent liposuction to a range of laser treatments. Now, there is a procedure that bridges liposuction and laser technology, combining both into a single safe and effective treatment known as SmartLipo™.

Dr. Cohen offers SmartLipo™, or laser-assisted liposuction, as an alternative to tumescent liposuction at THE SKIN CENTERx. He is happy to explain the unique benefits of both the tumescent technique and the SmartLipo™ technique during consultations at his Orange County plastic surgery practice and advise patients as to which approach is best suited to their unique cases.

Are you a good candidate for SmartLipo™? There’s only one way to find out for certain. Schedule your initial consultation with esteemed plastic surgeon William C. Cohen today.

What is SmartLipo™?

SmartLipo™ differs from conventional liposuction in that it uses the SmartLipo™ laser system, manufactured by Cynosure, to assist in the emulsification - or breaking down - of fat cells prior to their removal. Once the fat cells have been broken down into smaller, easier to remove particles, they are gently and safely suctioned out via a device called a cannula, just as they would be in tumescent liposuction.

Like tumescent liposuction, SmartLipo™ is used to target isolated deposits of fat that have accumulated on the body and that have remained resistant to diet and exercise. The best candidates for treatment are those that are at or near their ideal body weight. Although up to eight pounds of fat can be removed via SmartLipo™, it should not be considered a weight loss procedure, per se.

Although there have been claims made about the advantages of using laser technology in liposuction, the results of SmartLipo™ treatment are less dependent on the technology itself than on the skill of the surgeon. While many skin care centers are advertising the availability of SmartLipo™ in their offices, you will want to be certain that the professionals using this technology have a history of achieving excellent results through conventional liposuction. The lasers themselves represent only an alternative method of breaking down the fat cells. Every other aspect of the procedure is identical to conventional liposuction.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of liposuction procedures with great success, Dr. Cohen has established himself as one of the most skilled and trusted practitioners in the nation. As a patient of Dr. Cohen’s, you can rest assured that he will provide you with the best possible results, whatever your body contouring needs and goals.

Learn More about SmartLipo™

To learn more about the SmartLipo™ technique of performing liposuction, or to schedule your initial consultation with renowned plastic surgeon William C. Cohen, please contact THE SKIN CENTERx today. We would be pleased to answer any questions you might have and assist you in scheduling an appointment.

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