The In-office Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure Benefits and Risks By Dr. William Cohen on October 14, 2013

The In-office Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure Benefits and RisksThere are many different facial surgery services that we offer at our plastic surgery center. What surprises a number of our patients is that not all of these surgeries are aesthetic/cosmetic in nature. Some are entirely corrective or health-based, restoring wellness and addressing health conditions that patients may be suffering from.

One particular surgery that can help patients who are suffering from blocked sinuses or serious sinusitis is known as the balloon sinusplasty (BSP). We'd like to take a few moments right now to go over the basics of the balloon sinusplasty, with special focus on the benefits and risks associated with this surgery.

About Balloon Sinusplasty

The balloon sinusplasty is a minimally invasive surgery that's designed to keep a patient's sinuses open through minimally invasive treatment. This surgery uses special endoscopic devices to locate and identify the inflammation of the sinus and then introduce a small balloon into that area. The balloon is carefully inflated and then deflated to help promote an increase in sinus size once the balloon is removed.

Ideal Candidates for Balloon Sinusplasty

The best candidates for balloon sinusplasty are people who suffer from blocked or inflamed sinuses and have not responded well to medications and other non-surgical treatments. They should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the procedure and what it entails.

Benefits of Balloon Sinusplasty

There are many benefits to balloon sinusplasty. One of the biggest benefits is that the procedure is minimally invasive and only requires local anesthetic to perform. Since no tissue is removed, patients will recover from balloon sinusplasty with reduced risk of infection and complications. There will be no stitches, sutures, or general anesthetic involved.

Given both of these benefits, you can also add to them a quick recovery time. Most patients will be able to return to work and normal activities within two days. The balloon sinusplasty is often performed in the office rather than necessitating a surgical suite and hospital stay.

Risks of Balloon Sinusplasty

There are generally few risks associated with balloon sinusplasty since the procedure is so non-invasive. That said, there are potential risks of infection, trauma to nasal tissues, and potential optic injury. In addition, some patients with serious blockages may not respond well to treatment, making the procedure ineffective. Patients will be briefed about all potential risks during the consultation process.

Alternatives to Balloon Sinusplasty

If patients with sinus issues do not respond well to medications and balloon sinusplasty, more invasive surgical intervention will need to be considered. This is still a methodical means of addressing these issues and ensuring that patients undergo effective treatment that is as effective as possible without being especially invasive.

Learn More About Balloon Sinusplasty

If you would like to learn more about balloon sinusplasty and your many other options for ear, nose, and throat surgery as well as aesthetic enhancement and rejuvenation, be sure to contact our Orange, CA facial plastic surgery center today. The entire team here looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible aesthetic results.

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