Rhinoplasty Prices By Dr. William Cohen on July 16, 2013

Orange County Rhinoplasty CostsAt THE SKIN CENTERx, plastic surgeon William C. Cohen combines extensive experience and training, finely honed surgical skills, and a peerless eye for aesthetics to produce exceptional rhinoplasty results for his patients. His reputation as a true artist among plastic surgeons draws patients from far and wide. Dr. Cohen’s patients turn to him with the expectation that he will never compromise the quality of the care he offers or cut corners - and, of course, he never does.

At Dr. Cohen’s plastic surgery practice in Orange County, rhinoplasty costs are competitive but also reflective of the state-of-the-art surgical experience that patients can expect. In plastic surgery, the old adage “you get what you pay for” holds true more often than not; you should be very wary of any surgeon who promotes his or her “low prices” over more important matters such as experience, education, training, and record of success. Especially when it comes to a feature as prominent as the nose, an unsatisfactory outcome in plastic surgery is impossible to hide and very expensive to correct. It is far better to entrust your nose to a rhinoplasty surgeon with the skill and technology to get it right the first time out.

Whether you are undergoing your first rhinoplasty or you need an expert surgeon to correct a previous botched rhinoplasty, we encourage you to contact Dr. William C. Cohen today. We would be happy to explain financing and payment options that may be available to put rhinoplasty of the highest quality within your reach, whatever your budget.

The Cost of Your Rhinoplasty

While you are surely curious as to how much your rhinoplasty will cost, there are too many factors that can influence the cost for us even to provide an estimate without first meeting you. Dr. Cohen customizes every procedure he performs, and rhinoplasty is certainly no exception. Some rhinoplasty patients require only a minor modification - the leveling of a small bump or a subtle adjustment to the tip of the nose. Others wish to reinvent their noses, changing them in terms of size, shape, and the way they complement the surrounding facial features. Your unique needs and goals will determine the extent of your surgery, the technique (open or closed) that Dr. Cohen uses, and the time it takes to perform the procedure. Obviously, these factors will all figure into the overall cost of your rhinoplasty.

There are some costs, however, that are common to all rhinoplasty procedures, including Dr. Cohen’s fees, anesthesia fees, and facility fees. Every cost associated with your procedure will be disclosed during your initial consultation with Dr. Cohen; there will be no surprises or hidden costs. It is worth noting that the consultation at which you will learn about the cost of your rhinoplasty is completely free.

If you are undergoing rhinoplasty to correct a breathing abnormality or a congenital defect, it is possible that at least a portion of your rhinoplasty cost will be covered by your medical insurance policy. You may also be eligible for financing. Our friendly team at THE SKIN CENTERx would be happy to explain your financial options to you and help you in any way we can. Simply call or email us today.

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