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Do you have a deviated septum or feel self-conscious about the size of your nostrils?

Rhinoplasty surgery, also called a nose job, can reshape the bone, cartilage, and skin of your nose.

Enhance the appearance and functionality of your nose with rhinoplasty from plastic surgeon William C. Cohen in Orange County, California.

Transform Your Appearance With a Rhinoplasty 

The patient before the rhinoplasty.
The patient after the rhinoplasty.
Nose surgery from Dr. William C. Cohen can improve the look of your nose and address specific nasal issues. When performed by a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Cohen, a rhinoplasty (also called a nose job) can address aesthetics and functionality.

A droopy nasal tip, nostrils that are misshapen, a short nasal bone, or an off-center nose can all be addressed with a rhinoplasty procedure. 

A Rhinoplasty Can Do Wonders for You

Enhanced Facial Appearance

Changing the shape and size of your nose can give your face a more balanced look, complementing your other facial features. Tissue, like excess cartilage and bone, can be removed to give your nose a specific look or improve its function. 

More Functional Breathing

Blocked nasal passages or a deviated septum can make breathing more difficult than normal. Nose surgery from our Orange County plastic surgeon can relieve nasal breathing problems and any issue you may have with your septum.

Improved Self-Esteem

A nose that is too narrow, too wide, curved, crooked, or misshapen can make you feel self-conscious about your entire face. By addressing your concerns with Dr. Cohen during a consultation, he can personalize your plastic surgery so you receive a nose that will help you feel your best.

Enhance Your Appearance With Our Innovative Surgeon

Dr. Cohen

At his Orange County, California, office, Dr. Cohen takes a holistic approach to plastic surgery. When scheduling a procedure, Dr. Cohen considers all aspects of your health and appearance, making him the ideal doctor for your rhinoplasty. 

Patients from Newport Beach and around California trust Dr. Cohen for his innovative approach to plastic surgery. He was the first plastic surgeon in Orange County to bring the latest in minimally invasive facelift techniques, delivering the "one-hour facelift." When it comes to your rhinoplasty, our plastic surgeon will take the same approach, minimizing incisions and producing dramatic results. 

Request a consultation at our Orange, CA, office or call:

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Praise for Dr. Cohen From Newport Beach to Anaheim, Patients Trust Our Plastic Surgeon


Sue Day


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Dr. William Cohen, Advanced ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery has made a huge improvement in the quality of my life. What impressed me was that on my first visit, Dr Cohen sat on his stool, scooted over in front of me, and asked for every who, what, where of my 3+ years of constant pressure in my head and ears-all doctors (4), medications (3), and mouth guard, and exam. Then I had a diagnosis-Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. I have had a very simple surgery which dilated the Eustachian Tubes and I have a new lease on life. Time frame - little over 2 months. Thank you Dr Cohen!!

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Dr. William Cohen is very knowledgeable, caring, and efficient. From my first visit, he listened to my concerns, explained everything to me and was straight to the point! Dr. Cohen’s staff is always friendly and courteous at every visit. Additionally, prompt about filling out paperwork for work/insurance. The office is clean and following COVID-19 guidelines. So if you are looking for a Fantastic ENT (EAR • NOSE • THROAT PHYSICIAN) in Orange County area, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND paying a visit to Dr. Cohen, and his Amazing Staff!

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Open Rhinoplasty vs. Closed Rhinoplasty Choosing the Nasal Procedure Best for You

There are two different approaches to the rhinoplasty procedure:

Open Rhinoplasty

Incisions are made on the tissue between the nostrils, making it easier to access the nasal bone and cartilage. This method gives Dr. Cohen better access to nasal bones and cartilage, allowing him more freedom to make significant aesthetic upgrades. The incisions leave scars that are hidden underneath the nose. 

Closed Rhinoplasty

The incisions in this technique are made within the nostrils, keeping them hidden from sight. This technique can be used to address obstructed airways, a bump on the bridge of your nose, or any minor nasal issue. Depending on cartilage, nasal breathing problems, surgical history, and personal needs, Dr. Cohen will use the technique that is most beneficial to you.

A Rhinoplasty May Be Perfect for You

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From Newport Beach to La Habra, people from all over Orange County, California, come to Dr. Cohen seeking to improve their appearance. You may be a good candidate for a rhinoplasty if:

  • You have a nasal bridge that is too narrow or too wide in relation to your other facial features
  • There are noticeable bumps on your nasal bridge
  • Your nasal tip droops, is thick, or is enlarged
  • Your nasal bone is too thin or too short
  • The nose is off-center or crooked, throwing off the symmetry in your face

Rhinoplasty is not only good for addressing aesthetic issues, but it's also good for improving your breathing. Patients who have a deviated septum can have obstructed airways, making it difficult to breathe. This nasal surgery at our Orange County practice can realign or remove cartilage between the nostrils, making it much easier to breathe through your nose. 

Rhinoplasty Recovery

Caring for the Nose

Before your plastic surgery, Dr. Cohen will provide you with instructions on how to care for your nose. A splint or internal packing may be placed, helping you to heal. You should avoid getting the splint or treatment area wet when taking a shower by using a plastic covering and dry washcloth. 

Dealing With Discomfort

You can expect some pain, bleeding, swelling, and bruising after your surgery. We recommend resting for at least one day after your surgery and keeping your head elevated for a day or two after you leave our Orange County facility. Dr. Cohen will provide you with any prescription medication that may help you manage any pain and reduce any risk of infection. You should take your medications as directed to ensure a more comfortable and faster recovery. 

Follow-Up Appointments

Follow-up examinations will be scheduled a day or two after your surgery so Dr. Cohen can make sure there are no complications. Additional follow-up appointments will be scheduled a week and a few weeks after your procedure. Your splint, internal packing, and any remaining sutures will be removed during a follow-up appointment. 

If you experience any abnormal levels of pain, bleeding, or other negative side effects, contact Dr. Cohen immediately

The Cost of Rhinoplasty

Each patient's nose is unique, and each rhinoplasty is personalized to meet the individual's ideal appearance. Some rhinoplasty patients will undergo minor modifications like the leveling of a small bump or subtle adjustments to the tip of the nose. Some nose surgeries will require changing the size and shape of the nose so it complements your other facial features. The more sophisticated the procedure, the more it will cost. 

Costs for this plastic surgery include Dr. Cohen's fees, anesthesia fees, and facility fees. During your consultation, Dr. Cohen will review every cost associated with your procedure, eliminating any surprises and hidden prices. 

If your rhinoplasty corrects a breathing abnormality or congenital defect, your medical insurance may cover some or most of your rhinoplasty. Our Orange County team can also check if you're eligible for financing. If insurance coverage or financing is available to you, we can guide you through the process so you can cover the cost of treatment. 

More Praise for Advanced ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery


Lance Swann


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My experience with Dr. Cohen from start to finish was great. Not only was he very kind and professional but he and his office made the process of my surgery simple and easy to understand. The outcome of my surgery has changed my life. For the first time since I can remember, I can actually breathe! Dr. Cohen did an amazing job and I am so grateful for him. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

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craftyfinds treasures


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I'm 61 years old and was having a hard time breathing with my deviated septum. What a great experience I have had with Dr. COHEN and his staff. Very efficient, friendly, punctual and helpful. Dr. COHEN did a great job I hardly had any pain, did not bruise at all. I healed exactly like he said. ( of course, I followed the Dr's orders) very professional. I would love to go back but I'm healed. I am breathing better than I have in years. Thank you Dr Cohen! Don't look for another Dr or staff. Dr. Cohen is IT!

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