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Neck Lift

It is perfectly normal to want to get rid of wrinkles, sagging, and excess fat in your neck and jawline. 

A neck lift is a safe and effective surgical procedure that can remove these issues and create a more youthful appearance. 

Patients throughout Orange County and Newport Beach come to Dr. William C. Cohen in Orange, CA, for transformative neck lift surgeries.

Why Are Neck Lifts So Popular?

Neck lifts remove excess skin and fat in the neck and jawline, delivering patients a youthful and defined look. They are particularly popular for patients who are content with their upper face, and only want plastic surgery to improve their neck, jaw, and lower face.

Neck lifts can also be paired with other procedures Dr. Cohen performs. For example, liposuction with a neck lift is an especially popular combination for Orange County patients wishing to address a double chin. 

What a Neck Lift Can Do

Erase Neck Bands

The neck is one of the first parts of the body to show signs of aging. Loosening neck muscles lead to vertical neck bands that many patients want to get rid of. Dr. Cohen's neck lifts can tighten superficial muscles in the neck to restore definition, thereby erasing bands. 

Remove Turkey Wattle

The youthful contour of a neck can disappear due to excess skin that droops thanks to aging and the natural effects of gravity. Neck lifts can remove excess skin so that the dreaded turkey wattle disappears altogether. 

Eliminate Double Chin

A double chin can emerge due to excess fat in the neck, and may even afflict patients who are at a healthy weight. It is very common for patients at our Orange, CA, office to combine a neck lift with liposuction to eliminate a double chin. 

What Makes Dr. Cohen Different

His Holistic Approach

Woman at beach at sunsetDr. Cohen is a board-certified, fully-accredited surgeon who has extensive osteopathic training. Osteopathy is a holistic type of medical care that emphasizes treating the entirety of a patient's needs rather than only addressing isolated issues. 

Dr. Cohen's holistic approach ensures that all who come to his Orange, CA, office receive personalized procedures that are designed to have positive effects on their body and general well-being, while also taking care of the core reason they sought out his care. 

Extensive Recognition

Dr. Cohen

Dr. Cohen's plastic surgery excellency has earned him many honors. These include being recognized as "Physician of the Month" by Western Medical Center of Santa Ana and being named one of "America's Top Physicians" by the Consumer's Research Counsel of America.

Dr. Cohen developed his skill by training under some of the most respected surgeons in the country. His extensive knowledge has made him a valued educator, and he is proud to teach students as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery (Otolaryngology) at Western University of Health Services.

Orange, CA, Raves About Dr. Cohen


Lance Swann


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My experience with Dr. Cohen from start to finish was great. Not only was he very kind and professional but he and his office made the process of my surgery simple and easy to understand... Dr. Cohen did an amazing job and I am so grateful for him. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

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Ken Baum


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I rarely write a review BUT this was such an outstanding experience I felt I had to. Staff was amazing, happy, helpful and the Doc top notch. He was informative and actually cared! I would highly recommend Dr Cohen and his group

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A Single Neck Lift Delivers Permanent Results It All Starts With a Consultation

The improvements a neck life provides are permanent. They are also immediately noticeable. That being said, it will take anywhere from several weeks to some months for expected swelling and bruising to completely subside.

The sooner you decide on a neck lift, the earlier you will have the confidence a new and improved look provides. Call or write to our Orange, CA, team to experience the transformative care that has made us so beloved in Newport Beach and throughout Orange County. 

(714) 628-1313

Dr. Cohen

The Steps of a Neck Lift

A typical neck lift surgery takes just one to two hours. Here is what to expect during treatment:

Dr. Cohen uses general anesthesia to help make your neck lift surgery as relaxing and seamless as possible. 
Dr. Cohen uses general anesthesia to help make your neck lift surgery as relaxing and seamless as possible. 

Calming Anesthesia

Some plastic surgeons will use local anesthesia for a neck lift, which only numbs small areas of the body. Dr. Cohen uses general anesthesia for his procedures because it provides deeper sedation than local anesthesia. Our doctor's choice helps to make your neck lift as relaxing and seamless as possible. 

Targeted Removal

Dr. Cohen makes precise incisions beneath and behind your chin, and in some cases below your ears. He then lifts the muscular structure of your neck and jaw to best create attractive contours. Dr. Cohen then trims excess tissue to rid your neck and jaw of any turkey wattle or double chin. 

Natural Presentation

Dr. Cohen refines your neck and sutures closed the incisions he made. He takes great care to conceal incisions beneath your hairline and behind your ears so that your new look is not overshadowed by visible scarring. 

Understanding Your Recovery

Neck lift recovery typically takes around two weeks. Dr. Cohen will schedule a follow-up appointment to assess your healing and help in any way he can. 

It is not unusual to experience burning or numbing sensations as well as minor swelling and bruising during your recovery. To help yourself heal as best as possible, you should avoid the following:

  • Excessive sun exposure
  • The use of hair dye
  • Alcohol and smoking
  • Strenuous physical activity
  • Steam baths, saunas, and jacuzzis

Popular Neck Lift Pairings


While some choose a neck lift due to its targeted nature, others desire a more pronounced change. When performed together, a facelift and a neck lift can provide a truly remarkable transformation. Neck lifts are also frequently combined with liposuction when our patients' primary focus is removing excess fat rather than addressing loose neck skin. 

Great Reviews for Our Entire Team


Danae Dybas


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We are so thankful to have found Dr. Cohen! And may I also add that Amanda the one you will probably talk to 1st thereby giving the 1st impression of the office & schedules his appointments is wonderful! Thank You Dr Cohen!!!!

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Brandon Robinson


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Extremely satisfied with Dr Cohen and his entire staff. The nurses are great and the receptionist is awesome as well. Super friendly and knowledgeable, from the initial consultation, to the end of the surgery I received. 

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