Orange County Blepharoplasty: Look Younger with Eyelid Surgery

The area surrounding the eyes is one of the first to show the signs of aging. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, corrects sagging upper eyelids and the bags that form just below the eyes. Eyelid surgery can erase years of aging, giving the skin around your eyes a more natural and youthful appearance. At the two locations of Advanced ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery in Orange County, patients from throughout Southern California seek Dr. William Cohen's expertise in blepharoplasty. Learn more about the eyelid surgery procedures performed by the talented facial plastic surgeon at our facial plastic surgery practice.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Excess skin or fatty tissue in your upper eyelids can cause you to appear older or more tired than you actually are. By removing this skin and tissue through blepharoplasty, Orange County surgeon William Cohen, D.O., can help you achieve a natural, rested appearance around your eyes. You will emerge from the procedure looking more alert and years younger.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

Similar to upper blepharoplasty, lower eyelid surgery removes excess skin and fatty tissue that weigh down the lower eyelid and create an aged and tired appearance. Through lower eyelid surgery, Dr. Cohen can give you a more refreshed look.

Blepharoplasty Combined Procedures

Many of the blepharoplasty patients at Advanced ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery in Orange County combine their eyelid surgery with other facial rejuvenation procedures to create a more dramatic result. In many of these cases, our patients, from throughout Orange County, undergo both upper and lower eyelid surgery. However, other patients have combined their blepharoplasty with other procedures, including brow liftrhinoplastylaser skin resurfacingfacial liposuctionBOTOX® Cosmetic injections, and Sculptra® treatments. During a complimentary consultation, Dr. Cohen can recommend whether eyelid surgery alone or combined with another procedure would best allow you to reach your cosmetic goals.

Blepharoplasty Consultations - Eyelid Surgery for Patients Orange County and Surrounding Areas

To learn more about the eyelid surgery available at our two Orange County locations, schedule a complimentary blepharoplasty consultation with Dr. William Cohen today. Dr. Cohen and the rest of the staff at Advanced ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery have assisted numerous blepharoplasty patients from Newport Beach and throughout the area with their eyelid surgery needs.

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