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Are fine lines and wrinkles giving you a tired appearance that doesn't match how you feel inside?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a minimally invasive way to reduce lines and wrinkles to reveal a younger-looking appearance. 

Our board-certified plastic surgeon at Advanced ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery can expertly deliver BOTOX for Orange County, CA, patients.

Benefits of BOTOX Over Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can yield more dramatic results that can change the look and structure of a patient's face or body. This can be beneficial for those looking for a permanent option, but BOTOX injections can come its own list of benefits over plastic surgery. 

Less Invasive

A small needle is used to inject the BOTOX serum into the skin. Since no surgical cuts are required, no scarring accompanies the procedure. You may have some bruising and swelling following treatment, but these symptoms will heal in a few days. 

Quick Procedure

From your commute to the office to leaving, the process typically takes less than an hour. Local anesthesia will be administered to numb the injection site but does not impair your senses, allowing you to drive home following your procedure.  

No Downtime

This skin care option is also known as the "lunchtime procedure." If you are an ideal candidate, you can undergo the treatment and walk out of our Orange County office pain-free, just in time to return to your busy day. 

Fast Results

Patients who undergo this injectable skin treatment can see the rewards nearly instantly. BOTOX Cosmetic results appear within three to five days of your office visit. 


The youthful effects of BOTOX last approximately three to six months. This allows you to see how you like the results and debate if you'd like more of the treatment without fully committing to a dramatic cosmetic change. 

Do You Qualify? Candidacy Factors

Injectable treatments have far fewer candidacy factors than plastic surgery treatments, but still, Dr. Cohen will consider a few factors before recommending BOTOX treatment for you. 


The FDA requires patients that receive BOTOX for cosmetic purposes be over 18 years of age. Patients in their mid to late 20s and early 30s often start the BOTOX process to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming as they age. 


Nicotine breaks down collagen, making the effects of BOTOX last a shorter time for patients who smoke than for nonsmoking patients. To get the most out of your treatment, we recommend you quit smoking before undergoing BOTOX. 

Realistic Expectations

BOTOX helps smooth your skin and reduce wrinkles in the future, but it doesn't dramatically change your appearance. If you want to change the structure of your facial features, we recommend you look into our plastic surgery options for more dramatic results.

Skin Health

It's important your skin is in good health before receiving BOTOX Cosmetic. No injuries or infections should be present at the time of your procedure, as these problems can increase the risk of side effects following your BOTOX procedure. 

See if BOTOX Is Right for You Request a Consultation

BOTOX and injectables, in general, are a great way to improve your appearance in a natural-looking way. 

Our board-certified plastic surgeon, William C. Cohen, can help assess if BOTOX is right for you and if it should be combined with any of our other facial plastic surgery procedures to accomplish your desired results.

If you are interested in learning more about BOTOX® Cosmetic, contact our Orange County office today to request a consultation.

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Dr. William C. Cohen
Our renowned doctor, William C. Cohen, skillfully provides BOTOX Cosmetic injections (as well as other skin treatments) to residents of Orange County and other areas throughout Southern California.

5-Star Reviews From Orange County, CA, Patients




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Dr. William Cohen is very knowledgeable, caring, and efficient. From my first visit, he listened to my concerns, explained everything to me and was straight to the point! Dr. Cohen’s staff is always friendly and courteous at every visit. 

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Lance Swann


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My experience with Dr. Cohen from start to finish was great. Not only was he very kind and professional but he and his office made the process of my surgery simple and easy to understand. The outcome of my surgery has changed my life. 

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BOTOX Treatment Timeline At Our Office In Orange County

Your entire BOTOX procedure takes only about 15 minutes, making it an excellent option for patients with busy schedules. 
A local anesthetic is applied, making the BOTOX injection process virtually pain-free.
A local anesthetic is applied, making the BOTOX injection process virtually pain-free.


During your consultation with Dr. Cohen, you can express any concerns you may have. He will evaluate your medical history to see if BOTOX is a good match for your cosmetic goals.


Sedation or general anesthesia isn't necessary for this minimally invasive procedure. We will apply a local anesthetic to numb the injection site for a more comfortable procedure. 


Your BOTOX treatment consists of only a few pinches at the injection site. Dr. Cohen will also massage the area to ensure the product spreads evenly. The entire treatment lasts only a few minutes.

Fast Recovery

You can drive home or back to work immediately after treatment since no downtime is required. This makes BOTOX an excellent procedure for those on the go to fit some self-care into their busy lives. 

What Are the Side Effects?


Dr. Cohen will provide you with aftercare instructions following your procedure. It's vital that you follow these tips to reduce the risk of side effects. Contact us if any abnormal side effects, such as drooping eyelids or severe pain, occur.  

Other Injectable Treatments We Offer

BOTOX may not be the best solution to meet your goals. Dr. Cohen will assess your concerns during your consultation to see if BOTOX Cosmetic or one of our other injectables is right for you. 

Revance RHA

The most popular dermal filler at our practice, Revance RHA® uses a specially formulated version of hyaluronic acid known as Resilient Hyaluronic Acid. Revance RHA adapts to facial movements for unparalleled results.

Learn More About Revance RHA


Also known as daxibotulinumtoxin, DAXXIFY® is an effective neuromodulator that uses a novel peptide to help enhance its active ingredients. Anti-aging results typically last around six months and as long as nine months.

Learn More About DAXXIFY


JUVÉDERM® is a dermal filler that uses concentrated hyaluronic acid to plump and smooth the skin. It can also be used to add volume to the cheeks and lips. 

Learn More About JUVÉDERM


Another dermal filler, Restylane®, uses hyaluronic acid to plump and add moisture to the skin. It has a thicker consistency than JUVÉDERM, making it great for building facial volume. 

Learn More About Restylane

Dysport and Other Options

BOTOX Cosmetic isn't the only botulinum toxin our office offers. Depending on your concerns, a different kind of botulinum toxin, such as Dysport®, may be better suited for your needs. 

Learn More About Injectables

"An outstanding experience." More 5-Star Reviews From Orange County, CA, Patients 


Cambrie Vandermade


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I had a sinus procedure done was not a pleasant feeling but it helped me breathe and overall feel a 100x better I would highly recommend doctor Cohen he is amazing

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Ken Baum


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I rarely write a review BUT this was such an outstanding experience I felt I had to. Staff was amazing, happy, helpful and the Doc top notch. 

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