Orange County Plastic Surgery

William C. Cohen, DO

Jun 28 2017

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is performed differently on men and women. Let's see how male and female blepharoplasty are different.

Jun 01 2017

If you have sagging or drooping upper eyelids, eyelid surgery for hooded eyes may be right for you.

May 02 2017

Plastic surgeon William C. Cohen can perform rhinoplasty surgery to smooth the bridge of the nose and minimize nasal bumps.

Mar 30 2017

If you're self-conscious about ears that stick out, otoplasty for protruding ears may be right for you.

Mar 01 2017

Dr. William C. Cohen performs rhinoplasty surgery to straighten a crooked nose and enhance its beauty.

Jan 28 2017

Learn about the factors that can influence how quickly you can return to work after undergoing facial plastic surgery at THE SKIN CENTERx.

Dec 27 2016

Patients need to ease back into exercise after plastic surgery in order to avoid serious complications and severe side effects.

Nov 28 2016

Making changes to your lifestyle before undergoing a facial plastic surgery procedure can help with recovery and results.

Oct 29 2016

Laser tattoo removal can help get rid of unwanted ink. The number of sessions you need can vary from depending on the design and colors.

Oct 03 2016

Plastic surgeon William C. Cohen discusses the recovery process following neck lift surgery. Learn what to expect, here.

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